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Assault & injury among  Healthcare workers is at an all-time high. It's also very 'hush'. I think we know the hospitals (fixated on Press-Gainey $cores) are taking a back seat on the issue, presently.

Most of us on the floors & units are either primary income earners or the sole income earner. We can scarcely afford minor set-backs, let alone a serious disability .Seriously, we are all potentially 1 CIWA kick to the face away from a potential disability.

  • Workmans Comp & Hospital benefits are a joke. Your health insurance quite possibly is too. You probably know a few co-worker who've experienced this 1st hand. You need to have a couple sound (and affordable) back up plans in place.

This is where I come an RN and Licensed Insurance Agent in multiple areas, I can help! I have been there, lived it first hand.I have stories I can tell! So, I know exactly what insurances make the most sense & found the companies with the best deals.

I have taken the time to arrange the best of the best, EXCLUSIVELY for my people. That would be YOU, fellow healthcare providers! These products I speak of truly have you in mind. Budget friendly & benefit rich (you might even think I'm lying when we talk).

If I've gotten your attention & you want to know more, lets talk! Never pushy or 'salesy'. I will just shoot you the facts & you decide what works best for you. 810-423-7659

-Mark Sias, Agent, CCRN

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